Changing the Way You See Yourself Through an Intimate Portrait Experience

“I could never do that”

“I look terrible on camera”

“I don’t like photos of myself”

“I need to lose weight”

These are the things I hear all the time. These are the things I once told myself. Once upon a time I hated the way I looked too. I loathed taking pictures and criticized myself every time. It took a toll on my self-confidence and created a ripple effect of self-doubt.

When I was pregnant with my first child I decided to hire a professional photographer to take maternity boudoir portraits. I remember the moment she turned the camera around and showed me a portrait she had just taken. “Oh wow, look at you!” she said. It was in that moment that I saw myself as beautiful for the first time. It was in that moment that I truly understood the power of a portrait. It’s not that I wasn’t photogenic; I just hadn’t been photographed in a way that really captured “me” before. That moment changed the way I saw myself, and I want to change the way you see yourself too.

Doing a session like this takes courage. A leap of faith in yourself, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. I know it’s scary, but I will be here for you every step of the way. I believe everyone is a work of art. A unique and glorious individual full of perfect imperfections. I want to show you what I see and take you on a journey to connect with your inner beauty, strength, and everything that makes you, you.

When was the last time you let yourself be taken care of? When was the last time you felt truly beautiful? Allow me to welcome you into a safe space where you can be yourself. You’ll be treated like royalty with no detail spared.

Your Customized Experience

Our time working together has 4 phases to ensure the most amazing & stress-free experience.

So, what does an Angelica Owens Portrait experience look like?

Step 1

Wardrobe, Design, & Familiarity

Stressing over what to wear can kill the vibe before a session. Approximately one week prior to your photoshoot we will meet either at your home or a clothing shop of your choice to pick out wardrobe and discuss the details of what you want captured. I want to get to know you better so that I can capture you the most authentically. Sessions of this nature also require a lot of trust, so this phase allows us to connect and build rapport prior to the session so that you’re as comfortable as possible.

Step 2

Photoshoot Day!

The transformational part! This is where the magic happens, and you will see yourself unlike you ever have before. On the day of your session you’re the queen of the house! Sip on a sparkling glass of champagne, nibble on some artisan chocolate, and just sit back and relax as Janice pampers you with hair and makeup artistry to enhance your natural beauty. Once you’re camera-ready, I will guide you through a series of poses designed to flatter any body type. The style of posing will differ based on your preference. Some clients prefer a more conservative style, while others opt towards the risqué side or fully nude. You will be encouraged and celebrated regardless of how you want to be seen.

Step 3

Private Image Viewing & Design Consultation

After your session is complete, you will take a lunch break (on me) and then return to the studio for a private image viewing where I will show you the best images from your session. This is where you will place your order for the images you wish to purchase, and determine how you would like them displayed. I will guide you through this process as well so that we create customized art pieces that will best suit your taste and home. Our premium album and wall art line is hand-crafted in Italy by master printmakers to display your portraits with the utmost elegance and pride.

Step 4

Artwork Delivery

Whether you ordered an album, wall art, or both, your order will be delivered to your home. We will have your wall art professionally installed for you to ensure the best results. Due to the custom nature and craftsmanship behind our products, please allow up to 6 weeks after your order is placed for products to be delivered.

So, what do you think? Does this sound like the experience for you?

If you said “yes!”, click on the button below to schedule a consultation. Talk to you soon!