Q: When Can I Book A Session? How Far in Advance?

A: Sessions are currently available on Mondays and Tuesdays. Sessions start at 10:00am. If you’re doing this as a gift for someone, plan on booking your session 8 weeks prior to when you need product in hand. Due to the artisanal, hand-crafted nature of our exquisite Italian product line, orders can take up to 6 weeks to complete depending on the purchase.

Q: What Do I Wear?

A: You can wear as much or as little as you want. Some clients opt to go completely nude or implied nude, while others opt for more conservative attire. The important thing is that we select outfits (or not) that you LOVE and feel amazing in. We will shoot three different looks plus an optional nude series. Simple is key, and you don’t need fancy lingerie if that’s not your style. 1-on-1 wardrobe consulting is included in your session, and I’ll even be your personal shopping assistant if you’d like!

Q: I’m so Awkward in Front of the Camera, How Will I Know What to Do?

A: I totally get it! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE tells me they’re nervous or they aren’t photogenic. After their session that stance changes dramatically. I will guide you every step of the way throughout this process to prepare you. During the shoot itself I will guide and direct you through a series of poses and movements designed to flatter each individual’s unique shape and body type so that you look your best. Hand me the reigns and trust the process, and you will be blown away by the results!

Q: What Should I Expect to Spend? What is Included?

A: The session retainer is $490 and includes wardrobe consulting (I’ll even go shopping with you if you’d like!), hair and makeup artistry by the fabulous Janice Moon, champagne and artisan chocolates, a fully-directed session with three wardrobe changes, and a private image viewing and design consultation where you will be able to purchase the images you love. Collections start at $1,900. Clients typically invest an average of $3,900 on their experience and heirloom products. We accept all major credit cards and have a 6-month, zero-interest financing option available as well.

Q: How Do I Select My Images?

A: The day of your session you will get to see your private image viewing and have your ordering appointment. This is when you’ll have the opportunity to select the images you wish to order and select how you want them displayed. I will guide you through this process as well in a simple and stress-free manner. After our session you will take a break for lunch, and then return for your viewing to place your order. All financial decision makers must be present.

Q: Will You Share Images of Me Online?

A: Your privacy is of the utmost importance. Images will only be shared with your written consent. Most people opt to keep their images completely private and that is 100% okay! You can also opt to only have certain types of images shared.

Q: What Does Professional Retouching Include?

A: Our standard retouching process focuses primarily on making your skin look fabulous. We do not body shape nor perform age-reversal edits. This experience is about being the best version of you, but not an artificial version of you. We welcome all shapes and sizes and think every body is beautiful. I will pose and light you in ways that are figure flattering.

Q: Can I Bring Someone To My Session?

A: Absolutely! You’re welcome to bring a friend along for moral support (there’s enough champagne to go around). You can also book sessions back-to-back and make it a girls day! If you do, I’ll throw in a catered lunch on me! Couples are also welcome in the studio. I absolutely adore capturing connection. Schedule a consultation with your significant other to discuss a couple’s experience!

Q: What’s With All the Black and White?

A: I love black and white! There are so many reasons to love it. It’s timeless, classic, and really showcases the subject without the distraction of color. The intertwining of light and shadow is beautifully displayed. Some images really call for color, and I will show some images in color at your image viewing appointment.